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Ceiling System

The Natura Ceiling System adds the ability to apply the beauty of hand-blown art glass to the ceiling surfaces of any space and hospitality applications. The system is engineered to be a dramatic addition to the collection of décor solutions provided by Viz Glass. 

Specifically designed hardware uses an articulated arm, and adjustable length segments to expand the available design options. Engineered to be adaptable to both flat and recessed areas, this concept allows the use of our colorful glass designs in both small and large installations.

Note: The 20-square foot kit can be arranged in any pattern to accommodate your own design style. Using the articulating arms of the special Natura hardware, you can form edges with the disks themselves, or have your contractor create a special raised edge around Natura to “frame” your application area. The Natura plate colors were selected to provide the ability to theme your selection. Use a combination of sizes to add dimension. Smaller sizes cover the open areas between the larger plates, and are also better in forming an edge around the Natura installation area with the bendable/adjustable hardware.

Application is easy, but does require screwing into ceiling joist structure for safety and stability. A typical 16 inch o.c. joist dimension is perfect for the natural overlap of the Natura disks. Alternatively, a wood substrate may be applied to ceiling areas for a secure connection base, allowing the Natura Ceiling System hardware to be attached randomly. Consult with your professional contractor for this type of application.