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About Viz Glass


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All of us are drawn to environments that please our senses. We believe we can design a visual landscape that electrifies the ordinary and invites beauty into the everyday.

 We are driven to tell stories through the beauty of glass. A foyer or a ceiling perhaps a wall or corner, or maybe a table top or backyard -these are the canvasses we use to share who we are with others.

By playing with light, color and texture – and inviting our customers to play too –  our collections of chandeliers, sculpture, wall art and lighting help you tell a story that inspires a statement from a foundation in art.

We invite you to make a statement.


Our Story


You can say that our soul is made of glass. We began with glass sculptures more than 20 years ago. We soon realized, however, that we could bring art and décor into the functional requirements of any room. We adopted a modular concept that when combined with our palette of color, size and texture, equips you with unlimited possibilities to shape your own personal art.

You will not need a museum budget to create your museum moment. We wish to inspire you to make impossibly beautiful art pieces entirely possible.


Your sTORY

You believe that art and function should coexist. And you believe that emotions are created upon entering a room.

You see design potential in every corner and you don’t get along well with bland. You want to make a statement where statements are possible.

You’ve been channeling your inner -artist since you were a child and you have strong options about interior design. 

We agree. So get involved with your space. Life is too short for beige.

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Creativity & Experience

Viz Glass art is inspired by other artist, furniture, lighting designs, and popular art. The creativity of our glass is the expression of these color and design elements seen each day. Our artist’s experience with their craft provides a way to interpret all of our environments inputs that provide our inspiration. 

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Born in Fire

The methods of the art are simple: fire and silica combine as a liquid, a concept that is almost 2000 years old. Free-blowing techniques to make glass have evolved from the creation of purely functional items centuries ago, to an artist’s medium used to create the beautiful installations we offer.